Our organization is a Michigan-based non-profit founded by good friends with big hearts! We send love and aid by the box to individuals and organizations in need and our #1 recipients are 
American military personnel who need a smile-inducing "hug" from the home front in the form of care packages and other morale boosters. 
Our mission to help is based on our strong belief in showing compassion to others and gratitude for all we have in our own lives.      

Put your heart in a box! We'll send it to a Service Member!

Did you know that each box we provide costs an average of $40 to fill and ship? Your donations help ensure that we can continue to help our military "feel the love" from everyone at home. 

There are many ways to help! 


u can find us on:

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Do you know someone who's deployed? 

We'd love to send him or her a box or two. We start collecting addresses in late October because it's important to know that they aren't relocating or ending deployment before the holidays. Please email us at contact@heartsinabox.org and let us know. We practice proper OPSEC protocols to protect information about our military recipients and never share addresses with others.

a soldier and his canine friend