Our organization is a Michigan-based non-profit founded by good friends with big hearts! We send love and aid by the box to individuals and organizations in need and our #1 recipients are  
American military personnel who need a smile-inducing "hug" from the home front in the form of care packages and other morale boosters. 
Our mission to help is based on our strong belief in showing compassion to others and gratitude for all we have in our own lives.      

Put your heart in a box! We'll send it to a Service Member!

Each box costs nearly $20 to ship and an average of $12 to fill. Your donations help us ensure that we can continue to help our military "feel the love" from everyone at home.

There are many ways to help! 


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We Managed the Details. YOU made the Impact!

"...our soldiers, forward deployed to Iraq, received many 'boxes of love' ...for the Strength Battalion. Thank you for your generosity...for thinking about us and taking time and using your resources to provide us care packages this holiday season. It is heartwarming and very humbling to know that your are thinking of the soldiers deployed overseas."  

" When I bring care packages to the soldiers, their morale is lifted up when they receive the boxes. Your care and support of the troops brings joy and smiles in their faces. Thank you for supporting our troops here in Bagram Air Field."

USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier
"The other day our Division of Sailors onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt ("America's Big Stick" based out of North Island, CA) received your care packages. Our Sailors, both men and women, were very excited opening the packages... especially the ones that do not get a lot of mail. They loved all the goodies inside. We shared everything and are very grateful. We are ITs (Information Systems Technicians), we basically control the Computer Network and help the sailors set up their email and what not. A big Thank you from the Sailors in Combat Division onboard the Air Craft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt!"

"I’m currently deployed overseas as the Medical Officer for Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron-2. I am one of the few Navy personnel in a command full of Marines. Last week we received a large package from “Hearts In a Box." I wanted to write back to thank you all for the time you took to put together a heartfelt package and for the cards. It provides us with the reminder that there are people back home that appreciate what we are doing. It is also comforting knowing you all empathize with us for not being able to spend the holidays with our families."