Our mission is to support individuals and entities in need with financial and 
in kind donations based upon the ideals of gratitude and compassion.

Hearts and Heroes 2018: Breaking Through!
Our Board of Directors met in January to determine our focus for the 2018 Hearts and Heroes Program. We have determined to hold our goals at the same level as 2017 and to focus more on process improvements in fundraising, community outreach, and our biggest challenge, acquiring the addresses we need in order to fullfill our goals at all.

We think of it as "Breaking Through" and have made this our 2018 theme! 
  • 225 Care Packages weighing over one ton.
  • Better fundraising
  • More community involvement. 
  • Leveraging eager volunteers and other military-friendly organizations. 
  • Finding more military contacts who want to receive care packages.
Our 2018 Goals for Process improvement and 225 boxes superimposed over a photo of a US Navy submarine breaking through the Arctic ice