Our mission is to support individuals and entities in need with financial and 
in kind donations based upon the ideals of gratitude and compassion.

AIM HIGH! (And we did!)

We love helping our troops so it's very likely that every year we'll continue to support them through a new Hearts and Heroes campaign. In 2017, we set some very high goals for our organization! Now that we've shipped our care packages for holiday delivery, let's talk about how we did! You can see our goals in the graphic below.  And now, our results.

We are thrilled to have nailed our ONE TON weight goal by shipping 2200 pounds, 33% more than 2016, to 52 units representing >3700 troops on four continents. They represent the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. We missed our box goal by 17, shipping 208, but we're thrilled to have beat last year's quantity by 16%. Impacts on our box total included difficulty getting unit addresses and a larger than budgeted flat-rate shipping cost imposed by the USPS. Also on a positive note, the year was filled with growth in our volunteer ranks and in our community outreach, all important areas that will help us continue to improve and expand as we move into 2018!
Image of Navy ship and aircraft with on deck navy personnel. Text describes 2017 Goals of 225 boxes weighing over one ton.
U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Anderson W. Branch, CC 2.0 license, modified to add text


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