Our mission is to support individuals and entities in need with financial and 
in kind donations based upon the ideals of gratitude and compassion.


We love supporting our troops! The popularity and success of our 2016 Hearts and Heroes campaign has inspired our Board of Directors to approve another military-focused effort in 2017. We're pleased to announce the 2017 Hearts and Heroes campaign with new and improved goals for helping our military personnel feel the love from everyone back home. This year, we are striving to increase the number of boxes sent to at least 225 with a total weight of at least one "short" TON! That's 2000 pounds! We can't wait to see what the year brings.

Image of Navy ship and aircraft with on deck navy personnel. Text describes 2017 Goals of 225 boxes weighing over one ton.
U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Anderson W. Branch, CC 2.0 license, modified to add text

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