Our mission is to support individuals and entities in need with financial and 
in kind donations based upon the ideals of gratitude and compassion.

Hearts and Heroes 2018: Breaking Through!
Thank you to everyone who helped us make the 2018 Hearts and Heroes project a great success! When we planned it, we knew we would have challenges, but we are very pleased with how we met them and made an impact of which we can be proud!

Here are our results against goals:
  • 225 Care Packages weighing over one ton. Result: 218 packages weighing over 2300 lbs.
  • Better fundraisingResult: We had several new fundraising efforts, including new corporate sponsors, a golf league fundraiser, and we launched a Sponsor-a-Box program.
  • More community involvement.  Result: Our name got out into the community in a number of ways, including being selected as the charity of choice for an Ann Arbor-area golf fundraiser and the target of several local companies interested in providing product and financial support for our cause.
  • Leveraging eager volunteers and other military-friendly organizations. Result: Our volunteer team was very active again this year, but we will need to continue working harder to cooperate with other military-friendly organizations who can provide us with guidance and share best practices.
  • Finding more military contacts who want to receive care packages. Result: This was again a limiting factor in our process. Working through AnySoldier.com becomes more difficult each year and limitations of their site are limiting factors for us.
Our 2018 Goals for Process improvement and 225 boxes superimposed over a photo of a US Navy submarine breaking through the Arctic ice