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2018 Bigger and Better Than Ever!

posted Jan 2, 2019, 2:29 PM by Jill Schultz   [ updated Jan 2, 2019, 2:30 PM ]
Another year is in the books and we're thrilled to announce that it was better than ever! We can't thank our sponsors and volunteers enough for all the contributions they made throughout the year to make it possible.

stack of 218 care packages for soldiers
On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we shipped 218 boxes weighing over 2300 lbs to units in all branches except the Coast Guard, which for the second year in a row did not have any units requesting support. In addition to shipments to the Middle East (Kuwait, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and UAE), our care packages went all over the world -- Djibouti, Niger, Japan, Poland, Norway, Cuba -- just to  name a few. 

It didn't take long to hear back from some of the recipients, who uniformly thanked everyone for making the holidays a little brighter for them while they serve so far from home. Here's one of our favorites:

"I want to thank for all the care packages that we received from your organization, you all made a difference in this holiday for us here in Poland. We all try to keep the American tradition of giving presents for Christmas and to have our Christmas spirit high. Thanks for everything; we really enjoyed everything. It is difficult to be away from our family and friends during this time of the year but people like you makes us feel better and like home. We all at certain point give to the people in need and we all share a passion for what we do. It is important for us to nurture the good seeds in us and with a lot of love each of you remind us to our families and friends back in the main
land, the home of the free. Thank you for all you do and your people will be in my prayers always."

And THAT is what we're all about. Why we do what we do. And why we are so grateful for the support we receive from all of YOU that helps us support all of THEM! 

Happy New Year ... looking forward to a 2019 that exceeds all of our expectations again!