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Boxing Week Continues after a Successful Veterans Day Weekend

posted Nov 16, 2017, 6:08 PM by Hearts in A Box   [ updated Feb 10, 2018, 11:36 AM ]
Our busy Veterans Day weekend, which kicked off with our LuLaRoe-Brewed Awakenings Cafe Fundraiser and wrapped up with 150 of our 200 boxes filled, was a very satisfying whirlwind. It was the kind of weekend where blessings were counted not only in numbers (funds raised, supplies consumed, boxes packed,) but in the multitude of ways we grew our Hearts in a Box community. 

The team at the LuLaRoe Brewed Awakenings Fundraiser
Things happened quickly for us after LuLaRoe and Brewed Awakenings came to us to suggest a fundraiser on Veterans Day. A simple community calendar entry spawned an unexpected Saline Post article. We joined with our longtime supporter, Kim Kaster of Brewed Awakenings, and met LuLaRoe Michelle Marie's Michelle and Brittany McQueer, who immediately became passionate supporters as well. They kept their sale open on our behalf for the entire weekend, promoting sales diligently until they reached the LuLaRoe corporate matching level. And who knew that soldiers like brightly patterned tights to keep them warm and comfy under their uniforms? That nugget of information led to the duo collecting over 50 donated tights from other LuLaRoe businesses to include in some of our care packages. Something they can enjoy for the comfort and have fun with because of the bright, fun colors and patterns that are decidedly not "military". In short, this fundraiser was, to borrow from the movie Casablanca, "the beginning of a beautiful friendship"!
Two volunteers pack care packages with food and toiletries

The next day, a group of volunteers, many new to the box-packing process, joined us for our most efficient and fast-moving packing day ever! They filled approximately 150 care packages, prepped inventory lists for customs forms, and exceeded every expectation we had for the day. We are thrilled to add new volunteers to our efforts as we continue to expand our reach locally and help others feel the joy we do when we see that pile of packages grow, ready for shipping in time for the holidays.

What's next? Filling out customs forms, packing the remaining boxes, and topping everything off with our packing peanuts (Halloween candy, not styrofoam!) and the cards and letters prepared by several classrooms and scouting organizations. We're on course for our biggest and best year yet ... and thank everyone who's helped us
in any way to reach this point!