We can analyze dollars, boxes, shipping weight, units served, branches covered, and other nice-to-know statistics about our programs. And that's important stuff. THIS ... this, however, is the only measure of success that really, truly matters: Knowing that we made a difference! Here are some excerpts from our care package recipients over the years. Thank you for making it possible for us to do this!

“Happy New Year! The 1st Infantry Division and Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command thank you for your contributions and gifts to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and civilians currently stationed in Iraq. Your gifts blessed us this holiday season and brought us a taste of home, reminding us that the American people are behind us 100%! We took the care packages, cards, stockings, and other gifts – combined them together – and made gifts for everyone. By doing this we were able to distribute the Christmas goodie bags and stockings all throughout Iraq, ensuring that all service members received something from home. One Soldier remarked that this was the only mail and gift he received this year – THANK YOU for making that possible and for being a blessing to so many.  We all agreed that being in Iraq is not the same as being back home. During these tough times, we rely on each other for encouragement and support. And the gifts, letters, and packages you sent helped put a smile on each face!”  Chaplain L,  1st Infantry Division

“Greetings from Afghanistan! I’m a chaplain and volunteered for this deployment. When I bring care packages to the soldiers, their
morale is lifted up when they receive the boxes. 
Your care and support for the troops brings joy and a smile to their faces. Thanks for supporting the troops here at Bagram Air Field!”  SSG J.

I’m LT V. of the US Navy, currently deployed overseas as the Medical Officer for Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron-2. I am one of the few Navy personnel in command full of Marines. Last week we received a large package from “Hearts In a Box." I wanted to write back to thank you all for the time you took to put together a heartfelt package and for the cards. It provides us with the reminder that there are people back home that appreciate what we are doing. It is also comforting knowing you all empathize with us for not being able to spend the holidays with our families. Thank you again for the package and all the wonderful treats, snacks, beauty kits, and decorations.  God Bless!

 “Thank you so much for your holiday box for the Head and Neck Trauma team at the Combat Support Hospital in B---d!! We really appreciate your generosity and thoughts!” MAJ K. G.

 “I wanted to write and thank you for sending along such a thoughtful and kind care package to those of us forward deployed in the Middle East. I means a lot to know that folks back home are thinking of us and sending their support and encouragement. We put your snacks and treats out in our medical aid storeroom serving over 2000+ Marines and soldiers – almost everything was eaten or taken in less than two days!”   Lt. C, MD in the Middle East

"The other day our Division of Sailors onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (based out of North Island, CA) received your care packages. Our Sailors were very excited opening the packages especially the ones that do not get a lot of mail. They loved all the goodies inside. We shared everything and are very grateful. We are ITs (Information Systems Technicians); we control the Computer Network and help the sailors set up their email & tech. A big thank you from the Sailors in Combat Division onboard the Air Craft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt!"  Very Respectfully, IT1(IW/SW/AW) S.L.
USS Theodore Roosevelt "America's Big Stick"

“Thank you for the package you sent. But most important, for your support. It is the support from back home that keeps us going! May God bless you and keep you for all that you do…”  CPT M.

“The outpouring of support from people like you reminds us of all the wonderful things we have waiting for us back home. ... Your letters, artwork, and love are certainly felt all the way over here … and we 
distributed them to all those around us, to include the US Marines, US Navy, and US Army folks we work with.  We are medical personnel that fly on helicopters to care for really sick or wounded patients and 
evacuate them to bigger hospitals…we’re lucky we haven’t been too busy this deployment and we ask that you keep our fellow military members in mind such that this continues.” USAF Tactical Critical Care Evacuation Team in the Middle East

“Thank you for your generosity to the Soldiers of the Task Force Strength, for thinking about us and taking time, and using your resources, to provide us with multiple care packages during this holiday season. It’s heartwarming and very humbling to know that you are thinking of the soldiers deployed overseas…. We thank you for your support of our US Service Members stationed overseas and ask that you continue to keep us in your hearts and minds as we continue to serve. I also ask that you remember our families who struggle daily as we’re away from them… as they “hold down the fort”. Your generosity is appreciated more than I can express in this letter.”  Lt Col C., US Army in Iraq

“Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to think of us overseas and send us a care package. We really enjoyed your big, heartfelt hug in a box and reading about the adventure story that led to the project of caring for troops. It lifts our spirits to know that our work is appreciated back home.
I have a 14 month old son at home with my parents and my husband is stationed in Kuwait. This is my first holiday away from family and friends.” SPC M.

Hello! We would all like to thank you all for your support,  it means a great deal to us that not veryone is against what we do, that is enough there to keep us going right there. The boxes you provided us were just the icing on the cake and that icing is superb if I may say so, lol. It's the biggest morale boost we have. We pray you all have a wonderful holiday and happy new year, we pray you go into this new year with only success on your minds and may everything you do being you closer to the life you desire to have. God bless you all!    S. R.

“I'm 1LT K.F. and I would like to thank you for sending the Care Packages. I shared the goodies with my Soldiers and they also want to say thank you! Your kind gesture has definitely brightened up our Holiday Season!