We Take Your Donation Seriously
When people contribute their money and other resources to us in the spirit of charitable giving, it is our responsibility to use their gifts wisely and ethically in furthering our mission. The Hearts in a Box staff and board volunteer their time and share many of their own resources in this labor of love. When you donate money or goods to Hearts in a Box, you can expect a high percentage of your gift to directly impact the people and organizations we target for help. What do you make possible? Here is just an example of what you allow us to do.

You make it possible to fill boxes and fulfill needs
It depends on the project, but these are the types of items we commonly purchase for building our boxes (or larger vessels!):
  • Non-perishable food and beverages, such as coffee, tea, sweet and savory snacks, and easy-to-prepare meal kits
  • Personal care items, such as cleansing wipes, shower gel, soap, shampoo, deodorant, feminine protection, and dental care products
  • Home goods, such as laundry detergent pods, dryer sheets, small kitchen utensils, and toilet paper
  • Morale boosters, such as holiday decorations, magazines, games, puzzles, books, DVDs, and stationery
  • Classroom goods, such as notebooks, pencils, art supplies, educational materials, and other school needs
You make it possible to deliver on our mission
Whether it's by envelope, box, or SUV, our aid doesn't help anyone until it's delivered!
  • Packaging Materials (boxes, tape, bubble wrap)
  • Postage and Shipping (USPS and other carriers)
  • Miscellaneous expenses for local deliveries
Are there overhead costs? 
Yes. Even a charitable endeavor can't avoid the inevitable costs of doing business. Fear not! We keep our overhead costs low by remaining an all-volunteer organization and by employing free resources and programs that are made available to non-profits whenever possible. Our ongoing operational expenses are low and limited, but necessary to promote our mission and manage the acceptance and distribution of your contributions. They currently include:
  • Annual domain name registration (for our free Google Sites web site)
  • PayPal transaction fees 
  • etc etc